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“I’m going to PR in overhead squats tonight so that I have something to blog about.”

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Yes, I actually said that.

Confession:  I have this fear of having a boring blog that no one wants to read.  People have been telling me how “inspirational” I am & how proud they are of me since I started CrossFit.  Now that I’m blogging and people are actually reading about my life I feel like I need to have something worthwhile to report every day.  So, I try to find it at the gym.

Yesterday (I know, I’m late) was perfect because the WOD was overhead squats.  I’ve done them twice in WODs and have never tried to find my max.  The first time we did them I used the #45 bar and the next time I did #53.  I knew I could TOTALLY beat that… and I was right!

#90 I think?

#90 I think?

P.S. If you’re doing CrossFit and not keeping a journal of what weights you lift and your times during WODs, I suggest you start.  I’ve been keeping one since my very first WOD and it really helps me to be able to set goals and see progress in myself.  I actually went through my journal the other day and made a list of all my max lifts so that I don’t need to search for them every time.  Apparently, my max push press is only #70 as of now??  That will 100% be updated this week.

I noticed a trend in myself for overhead lifts too.  It seems that I max out around #100-#105.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad but at least I know what it is.  During the 12 days of Christmas WOD that I did at CrossFit Strongtown the RX clean & jerk was #95 for women.  It was only one rep.  I asked my friend if he thought I should do #95 or #85.  He said if I can do #95 then do #95 but it depends on what I can lift over my head.  I did #85 because I wasn’t sure.  It would have helped if I knew the answer!!!  Now, I know.  And I totally could have done #95, for the record.

ANYWAY, overhead squats.  They’re pretty difficult!  I struggle with keeping my arms locked out and the bar stabilized overhead. It’s weird though, the more I did the easier they became.  Until I crossed over into #100 land, that is.  Brittany, my partner for life, and I started with #55 and I almost toppled over.  FORM, Kathleen, FORM!  I focused on my form and the squat became easier and easier.  After we did #100 I decided to try #110.  It was our last set so I wanted to see what I maxed out at.  I also knew that if I could not do #110 I could at finish with #105.  Well, I couldn’t do #110!  No big deal, I got #105.

We took #5 off and I tried to do #105 and I couldn’t do that either!!   I would get down into my squat but lose it as I was coming back up.  Seriously??  SERIOUSLY?? I was getting SO mad.  Poor Brittany & Timmy were giving me advice about how I wasn’t locking my arms and how the bar wasn’t far enough back & I was like, “I just want to get this over with.  Can you help me rack this again??!!” #psycho  Sorry, guys… love you.

OHS progression!!

OHS progression!!

One of the trainers came over and gave us an awesome tip that I was completely oblivious to.  Apparently, it is better to consolidate weights for overhead lifts instead of adding on a bunch of little ones.  It makes complete sense, I had just never thought about it!!!  I think at this point I was using #35 bar + 15, 10, 5,  5 on each side.  We consolidated the bar to one #35 on each side and that totally helped.  Much easier to stabilize!!  Thanks, Taysia!!!

I wish I remembered how many attempts it took me after we consolidated the bar.  I think two?  As soon as I focused on locking my arms out & keeping my core tight, BOOM, #105 overhead squat!  Thank God because I was seriously getting mad.  I KNEW I could do it but something just wasn’t working!

When did I become so competitive??  I don’t think I have been this competitive in my entire life!   I like it.  It really seems like this CrossFit thing brings out the best in me.  I think I’ll stick around!


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